Job type:
   First, quality management
   job requirements:
   1, Bachelor degree or above;
   2, with chemical industry quality management work experience;
   3, familiar with the Six Sigma management system is preferred.
   Second, environmental / safety / waste / supervisor
   job requirements: 
   1. Bachelor degree or above, safety engineering and related majors;
   2. EHS management experience in chemical industry is preferred.
   Third, R & D engineers
   job requirements:
   1, chemical engineering related professional graduate, undergraduate and above, master priority;
   2,25-40 years old, with a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, good communication.
   3, with LCD, OLED display materials research and development workers priority.
   Third, production management
   job requirements:
   1, chemical engineering and technology or related professional, college or higher;
   2, more than three years of chemical and biopharmaceutical production technology management experience;
   3, have a good professionalism and execution, integrity integrity, dedication.
   contact number
   Contact: Liujing Li
   Tel: 7569006 to 835
   Mobile: 18562275681

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