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Production capacity

Production capacity

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We have more than 10 years of domestic and foreign customers to provide customized product experience, can provide customers with grams to 100 tons of special chemicals. 
With 13 production workshops ,10000 degree clean workshop which the area is 200 square,260 reactors in sizes ranging from 50L to 5000L,Temperature : -110℃ to 220℃   Pressure : Ordinary pressure to 10Mpa Equipped with 50 m3, 20 m3 of liquid nitrogen storage tank, and meet the technological requirements of low temperature to 110 ℃
The main type of reaction that can be customized
Low temperature lithium generation reaction     Should be (chloro, bromo, iodo)
Nitrification         Diazotization reaction
Foucault reaction (alkylation, acylation)       High pressure hydrogenation reaction
Clemenson reduction reaction   Huang Minglong reduction reaction
Wittig  reaction     Grignard coupling reaction
Suzuki Coupling reaction   Ullman coupling reaction
Tempo Oxidation of anti       Williamson etherification reaction



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