Talent Concept

Adhere to scientific and technological development, talent first.
Adhere to the "talent work service company scientific development" concept, closely around the group development strategy, a clear goal of the company's talent team building tasks, work priorities and important initiatives to ensure that human resources priority training, talent structure priority adjustment, talent investment priority guarantee, talent System priority innovation.
Adhere to the high-end lead, echelon development.
Closely around the "build LCD technology science and technology aircraft carrier," the core objectives, focusing on strengthening the Group's much-needed strategic leaders, senior management personnel, the introduction of high-end scientific and technological personnel and training, the formation of complementary advantages, reasonable structure of talent echelon.
Adhere to respect the law, people-oriented.
Follow the development of talent law, understand the personality needs of individuals, eclectic discovery and selection of talent, relying on excellence in the cause and a good mechanism to attract and retain talent, innovation and improve the company talent selection and appointment mechanism, in particular the establishment of market-oriented configuration Mechanisms and competitive platforms.
Adhere to reform and innovation, improve the mechanism.
Adhere to the reform and innovation to promote the development of corporate talent, through the improvement of market mechanisms and competitive platform construction, scientific and objective to carry out personnel selection, evaluation and encouragement, focus on building a self-motivated, self-restraint and promote outstanding talent out of human resources operation mechanism , The full implementation of talent strong enterprise strategy, steadily enhance the core competitiveness of the Group. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the work of talent, initiative and creativity, and continuously improve the quality of business operations and performance level, to achieve economic value and social value of the harmonious win-win situation.
Talent Concept

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